Mr. BT Tee – General Director of UBM Vietnam, Exhibitor organization, said that more than 600 businesses from 29 countries and territories such as Poland, Belgium, Canada, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Spain, China, France, … will introduce, perform technologies, equipment, in the food industry (dispensing, catering services, vending, packaging, cooling systems, … ) and display products such as milk, beverages, soft drinks, organic vegetables, processed and instant foods, fresh food, confectionery, etc. Besides, energy management and control systems quantity, retail information, tourism service management, hotels, restaurants, … were also introduced at the exhibition.

In the framework of the event, there is also a contest of talented Vietnamese Chefs, a coffee preparation contest; seminars on issues of food safety, processing and preservation of fresh food, access to and application of international standards in the food processing industry; Vietnam hotel management executive forum with the theme “Health care: New trends in investment and hotel business”; short-term training program on coffee preparation; sharing entrepreneurial experiences in the food industry; … According to Ms. Chau Ngoc Tien – Director of Anh Duong Equipment and Investment Trading Co., Ltd, our country’s food industry has a rapid growth fast and strong breakthrough, increasingly attracting big brands in the world. Domestic businesses have been investing in modern scale, equipment and technology to develop.