As soon as it was launched, Vinpearl Hotel Tay Ninh immediately became the most “attractive” destination in Tay Ninh holy land. For the first time, people and tourists come to the Southeastern border region to have access to luxurious resort space, high-class services and the top 5-star standard chain of facilities. 12/2018, Vinpearl Hotel Tay Ninh tower has 21 floors with a typical European-style architecture officially put into operation. Located at the intersection of 3 arterial roads right in the city center, the hotel becomes the new “roof” of the city and brings beauty completely different from Tay Ninh’s Tay Ninh.Vinpearl Hotel as a long court. impressive white radio, bringing visitors to an exciting upstream trip. From here, visitors have been immersed in the painting of an ancient Land of ancient times, with the culture of the mysterious Cham civilization, while enjoying the exquisite services and standards of the guest brand. Vinpearl 5 star hotel.